Take the First Step in Building Community

If there's not a Wild + Free group in your area (or you simply want to start one with your own unique bent), the first step is to sign-up below. We have a Groups Coordinator and a Groups Coach who can help you get started.

These groups are autonomous, all led by local volunteers, but we do have a few requirements for each one to be considered an official Wild + Free group. You'll find these requirements on the application below.

Each month, we're delighted to see this beautiful homeschool community spread throughout the world, all because one brave woman after another steps forward to invite other mamas into her life.

1. Sign Up For Any Wild + Free Membership
Our groups map is only visible to Wild + Free members. You can become a member with a subscription to the content bundles or sign-up for a free membership.

3. Make Sure Your Group Fits Our Criteria
On the sign-up form, we include a list of requirements of being an official Wild + Free group. These core values will help ensure that we stay united in our mission.

3. Submit a Group Based on Affinity or Location
Once you're a member, you can submit a Wild + Free group. Our team will reach out to you with any questions or welcome you into the community of group leaders.

4. Promote and Share Your Group
Once approved, your group will be listed on our official groups map and you can start inviting friends online and in person to join you here on the Wild + Free site. If your group is public, other mamas in your area will be able to find you and join as well.

5. Maintain Your Group on the Wild + Free Website
Once your group is live, you'll be able to post stories, host discussions, schedule events, and message your group members - all through this membership site.


Our team is committed to supporting, encouraging, and helping you lead a thriving Wild + Free group wherever you are. Don't be intimidated, you can do this!

There are Wild + Free mamas all over the world who are looking to find community. And your group just might be the start of an incredible movement in your area.

Here are several tips to help you get started:

  1. Get Started. Even if you meet with just one other mama, you're off to an incredible start. Over time, you'll find that more people will want to join.
  2. Be Consistent. Whether it's once a week, once a month, or once a quarter, your group will take some time to grow. Be patient and have fun with it.
  3. Be Honest. Running a group is too much for one person. At first, you might have to lead the charge, but as the group grows, share the needs you have.
  4. Reach Out. We have two, amazing mamas who are helping to oversee and encourage Wild + Free groups. Reach out to them at the contact info below.

Greta Eskridge on Leading a Group

Jennifer Pepito sat down with Greta Eskridge to talk about what it means to build community and lead a successful group. Enjoy!

Groups Coordinator

Brit Chambers is a homeschooling mother of four kids through adoption and foster care. Brit believes strongly in the power of community and its ability to cultivate change. She could talk for hours about her heart for Wild + Free Groups worldwide. You can email her at brit@bewildandfree.org and find her on Instagram at @chasing.pure.simplicity.

Groups Coach

Paula Caggiano is a homeschooling mother of four children, a proud Canadian, and a long-time advocate for Wild + Free groups. She started the W+F community in Newport News, Virginia and has encouraged and instructed hundreds of other group leaders across the country. You can find her on Instagram at @paulacagg.