Merry Christmas From the Farm Village

The story of the Farm Village is a miraculous one. But this isn’t just our story. It’s your story. The entire Wild + Free community came together to make this dream possible. Now it’s ours to steward for the next generation.

This is a place where families are brought closer together, mothers and fathers are strengthened and encouraged in their roles, and children are given the space to run wild and free.

After being shut-down by the pandemic, we lost all of our revenue for an entire season. It was a tremendous setback, but we don’t believe for an instant that we were brought all this way for nothing. We have big dreams for the Farm Village and are inviting you to be a part of the next chapter.  

We created this catalog to cast vision for the Farm Village and share how you can help bring some important projects to life. We know you're not giving to get something, but we’ve put together some fun giving perks.

Will you help us raise the needed funds by December 31st? You can give to the general needs or select one of the specific causes in the list below.

The miraculous story of the Farm Village is not over. In fact, it’s just beginning. This property will continue to be a place for people to gather. Children will make unforgettable memories on these creek banks and hillsides. And families will be impacted for generations to come.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Ben & Ainsley Arment

Take a Tour of the Farm Village

Join Ben & Ainsley for a tour of the Farm Village and download the Christmas giving catalog!

Lodge Chairs

To create a refreshing place for guests by replacing broken plastic chairs on our porch

Suggested Gift: $189
Need: 8 Gifts of $189
Total Amount: $1,512

Blind Replacements

To beautify the lodge windows by replacing the tattered, broken blinds in each room

Suggested Gift: $500
Need: 14 Gifts of $500
Total Amount: $7,000

Excavator Service

To clear land and grade new roads so we can host family festivals and camping weekends

Suggested Gift: $250
Need: 16 Gifts of $250
Total Amount: $4,000

Restroom Facilities

To create a campground destination by adding restroom facilities throughout the property

Suggested Gift: $200
Need: 200 Gifts of $150
Total Amount: $30,000

Large Tractor

To reclaim the beauty of this land by replacing our broken residential mowers with a tractor

Suggested Gift: $500
Need: 40 Gifts of $500
Total Amount: $20,000

Tree & Brush Clearing

To tame the wilderness throughout the property by clearing dead and fallen trees

Suggested Gift: $150
Need: 80 Gifts of $150
Total Amount: $12,000

Remodel the Spring Cabin

To restore the old spring cabin to be used for family getaways and hosting additional staff

Suggested Gift: $125
Need: 200 Gifts of $125
Total Amount: $25,000

Directional Signage

To point the way throughout the property with matching wood-carved signs

Suggested Gift: $30
Need: 100 Gifts of $30
Total Amount: $3,000

Mama Retreat Scholarship

To bless a brokenhearted mama with the gift of a Wild + Free mama retreat in 2021

Suggested Gift: $125
Need: 2 Gifts of $125
Total Amount: $250

Family Scholarship

To heal the heart of a hurting family with a pass for up to six people at a 2021 festival

Suggested Gift: $200
Need: 3 Gifts of $200
Total Amount: $600

Work Weekend Meals

To nourish those who roll up their sleeves with meals for a work weekend this spring

Suggested Gift: $100
Need: 10 Gifts of $100
Total Amount: $1,000

Work Weekend Supplies

To equip the hands of those who labor with needed tools, supplies, and equipment

Suggested Gift: $100
Need: 20 Gifts of $100
Total Amount: $2,000

In Gratitude for Your Support

We know you're not giving to get something in return, and we couldn't reach our goal by offering fair market value for these items. But we wanted to show our appreciation for your generosity toward the Farm Village.

In gratitude for your support, we’ve put together a few perks for various giving levels. These perks will be sent to you by the end of January, along with an acknowledgement letter for your donation. Please know that the actual items for these perks may vary from the photos.

Gifts: $5-$24

Our 2020 commemorative Farm Village embroidered patch

Gifts: $25-$49

Special edition FAMILIES content bundle for download

Gifts: $50-$99

Copy of the new Wild + Free book HOLIDAYS with family activities

Gifts: $100-$149

Copies of both Wild + Free HOLIDAYS and HANDCRAFTS

Gifts: $100-$149

Hand-crafted Farm Village mug from our shop at the property

Gifts: $150-$249

Our cozy Farm Village sweatshirt, mug, and embroidered patch

Gifts: $250-$499

An annual membership to the Wild + Free content bundles

Gifts: $500-$999

A goody box filled with Farm Village treats and surprises


A goody box for six people filled with Farm Village surprises


Family pass to a 2021 camping festival for up to six people


A curated two-night stay at the Forest Cabin in 2021

The Wild + Free Farm Village is a part of Historytellers Productions, Inc., which is a charitable non-profit organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Please consult with your tax adviser or the IRS to determine whether a contribution is tax-deductible.

Items shown in this catalog are for the sole purpose of illustrating goods and services used in projects at the Wild + Free Farm Village. All contributions designated for specific projects will be applied to those projects and up to 10% may be used for administering the gift.

If we receive more or fewer funds for a given project than can be applied, we will use those funds to meet a similar pressing need. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Historytellers Productions, Inc., has complete control over the use of all donated funds.

You can make checks payable to:

Historytellers Productions, Inc
P.O. Box 4331
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

For more information on donating, you can email us or call 703-869-9523.